Why you will want to work with us

     Our experience and dedication can be seen through the quality of work that we provide to each and everyone of our customers. Our focus is to provide the best customer service possible for your construction and landscaping needs. Turn your dreams into a reality today!

Our History

     The Dream of Dreams2Reality Construction  began forming itself since Leo Ambriz, was nine years old. Leo began his journey by walking around his neighborhood and asking his neighbors if he could mow their lawn. Finally, when he was ten years old he got his first big break; he made his first $100 installing his neighbor’s front yard sprinkler system.  Then at eleven years old, with a 1 quart Wagner Sprayer, he not only painted his moms house but another neighbor’s home. From that moment on he knew that one day he would create his own company and the drive to reach that dream began.
      In 1996, his dreams started to become a reality when he purchased his first used Snapper push lawnmower and weed eater. Neighborhood Handyman & Landscape began operation and through referrals started growing.  He later traded his push lawnmower for a self-propelled lawnmower and soon after that he was doing home remodeling for local investors.
      In 2009, his dream began to formalize when he became a General Contractor and Dreams2Reality Construction & Landscape was officially founded.  Finally in 2010, he received his C-27 landscaping license and the company continued growing. Leo Ambriz has over 16 years of experience working with local investors and city inspectors.
      He thanks his wife and two boys for motivating him, standing by his side during hard times, and for keeping his passion a live of turning not only his dreams but those of others into a reality.